Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Dimitri Mellos

Dimitri Mellos is a Greek photographer who is known for his street photography. Mellos would run around town pretending to take photographs when he was young, by using a camera not loaded with film.

 In this photograph I feel that it is quite good as it focuses on the one person, it also has a man who has been blacked out at the side, which is quite distracting but also adds something to the photo, and I do feel that the image would look really odd without the shadow. You can tell that he would have been in quite close proximity to the people, but he would have been really close to the person who is very close to the camera. The main things you think when you look at this photo is what is she holding, which is a spoon and what are they looking at.

 In this photograph it is showing a group of people who look like they are protesting against something. With the photo the people, the tape and the signs all have a wide range of colour on them which gives the photo a really good look to it. With this photo if you look carefully you can see that there is a wide range of ages in this photo which could mean that Mellos tried to find a area where there was a wide age group range or he just chose this area and was lucky that there was such a diverse age range. With the image, first things that come into mind are what are they protesting about and in my mind I was wondering what was the caution tape all about.

In this photo it has an elderly lady crossing the street and some people near her who look like they are trying to reenact a battle, but the lady is either oblivious to them or is ignoring them. This photo does have a lot of colour to it as the lady has a black dress on with loads of different colour spots, the people in the background also have a lot of different colours on their shields and helmets. Looking close at it and at her facial expression she is fully aware that there are there and she doesn't look amused by them. The main thing you wonder when looking at this photo is are they trying to recreate a battle and she's got in the way or are they trying to advertise something. I do also like how he has taken the image at a titled angle it makes it look different to an ordinary photo and gets more into shot.

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