Friday, 21 November 2014


For this project entitled Empirical Evidence I will be photographing the everyday life of mainly Burton I may if it I am able also Derby. I will also by photographing what is perceived as the boring like William Eggleston does but in my sort of style so that the images aren't too similar. I will be photographing this because this is something that I have never done before and it sounds quite interesting and when I did my first photo shoot it was really enjoyable.

As this is a location project, I won't have to book out the studio which will mean I won't have to wait to get photo shoots done, I can just go out onto location whenever I need to and this will speed up the process dramatically. In terms of where I am actually going, I will just be going around Burton and the places I will be going to will not need me to get any sort of permission before taking photos, but if I do need permission I will make sure that I do get it prior to shooting, if I can't get permission, I will just move on and shoot somewhere else instead. When it comes to the equipment that I need when I am at college I will be able to borrow a Canon 400D camera which I will be able to use I also have a 40D and 5D Mark III of my own that I can use at home if I need to do any shoots outside of college time. There isn't likely to be any risks in any of the shoots that I will be doing as I will not need to go to any places where risks will be taken to get the images.

With research I have looked into William Eggleston and I will also be looking into other photographers who have used a similar sort of style, I will also be looking into photographers who shoot the everyday life and street photographers, so that I can get some inspiration. I will ensure that I get photo shoots done as soon as possible so that I am not wasting time and that I am also not hurrying to get shoots done at the end of the project.

These are the sorts of images that I will be trying to achieve throughout the project, these are some of my early attempts.

These are some of William Eggleston's images that I hope will inspire me throughout the project and is what I am aiming for but with my own twist and take on them.

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