Friday, 7 November 2014


This project is entitled Empirical Evidence and will be based around documentary and location photography. For this assignment we are required to produce at least one final image, they must be from the following themes: photojournalism, which can be the everyday or the unconventional, scientific or forensics or fictional documentary.

For this project we can use props to show proof of myths. We can also document the everyday, which would mean going out and about and shooting the areas around us over several days showing different areas and how it changes over these days. We can also document the unconventional, which would be a more abstract side of photography than if we were photographing the everyday and normal areas. This would be a very good way to show of photography and Photoshop skills. It could also be scientific photography, which would me collaborating with the science department and taking photos of the different equipment that they have.

Prior to doing this project, I can easily see that there is a lot that this project can be based around.

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