Thursday, 20 November 2014

Initial Photoshoot

For the initial photo shoot I went around different areas of Burton that were less busy to focus on was is perceived as the boring this was one of my best photo shoots I enjoyed photographing the unconventional items and things that I could find around Burton.
Any little thing that I found that looked was is considered boring I photographed and I followed something else that William Eggleston does I decided to take just one photo of the item, this was on most photos. If the image didn't quite look right I did take another to try and get the photos right, but for most of the images I took one shot of each. It was something that I found really interesting and difficult at the same time. It was interesting as I had never photographed the "boring" before and this showed me what you can truly do with unconventional items and it is actually quite brilliant. It was also quite difficult because trying just to take one photo of a subject as you have just one chance at it and no redos.

During the entire time I found many different objects that could use and this really helped and I had such a wide range of images. I truly enjoyed this photo shoot I did and it has helped me for the rest of the assignment.

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