Friday, 28 November 2014

Umberto Verdoliva

Umberto Verdoliva is an Italian photographer who is best known for his street photography, he not only conducts street photography workshops but has his own group Spontanea which is dedicated to street photography.

In this photo it sees a person, which I believe is a woman cycling along a road. Like a lot of his images that I like it just has one person in it and a wide area of space around them. This image shows a lot of the area this person is cycling around, what I do like with not only this image but all of them is how you can just see the person as black and not any features of them are visible.
This cycling image I feel is the strong of the two as there is more going on in the photo you can see them at the roundabout. The actual person and bike is quite small in the photo as it shows a lot of the surrounding area and all the detail of the round and the roundabout and path markings as well which I really like. This is because it is not just a boring image of someone on a bike it has a lot more to it than just a bike and cyclist.
This image I also like as it just has one person sitting in a corridor and it shows the entire corridor which has a lot of detail to it. It has all the items on wall and the star hanging from the ceiling. The main thing I think people are wondering when you see this image is what is this good doing, I think that he is either drawing the corridor or maybe even having a smoke. All of the images are quite interesting and of course they look a lot better in black and white I feel than in colour.

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