Thursday, 27 November 2014

Photo Shoot 2

In my second photo shoot I decided to not only photograph the "boring" but also test my skills on the rain drops and see if I could get a good image of them which I feel I did.

 These are just two of the images that I took on the shoot, they are two of my favourite image. I prefer the bike lock as looking at the leaves you can see the texture of the rain on them, they have a sort of slimy look to them which I really like. What I also like is that not many other people would have tried to get a photo of it as most people probably would have just walked past it and ignored it.
This is another one of the images that I liked, mainly because it focuses simply on the rain drops and the bar they are on and nothing else, the background is blurred out to give it a narrow depth of field. This image was originally not going to be part of the project I just wanted to take a picture like this, but I feel that it came out so well that I might well use it as a final piece but it will remain part of the project for certain.

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