Friday, 7 November 2014

Floating Images

The first mini task of this project was about creating a floating image, this was done by getting someone  to lie on a table or stool and having them pose on it as if they were actually floating. Then, without moving the camera, the person and the stool moves and they take a photo of the background. After this it was edited in photoshop, by getting the blank background and overlaying the other image over it. The  image with the person it is dragged to vector mask tool, before switching the colour at the colour box to black to ensure that when you use your brush tool it removes the stool and nothing else. After removing the stool some editing maybe needed to fix the colouring so that they match.

When it came to making my image the only problem that arose was trying to get the colours on the two photos right. This didn't take long to fix, I managed to fix it by using the levels, the burn tool and the clone stamp tool.

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