Thursday, 4 December 2014

Shin Noguchi

Shin Noguchi is a Japanese street photographer. Noguchi is based in Tokyo and Kamakura, this is where he takes a majority of his photos. Noguchi himself has said his tries to photograph the extraordinary. Noguchi is also part of the international photography group "Street Photographers"

 In this image is shows a woman crossing the road, though it just shows her legs and feet. I feel that with it clear she is in a walking motion it kind of reminds me of the Abbey Road album cover by The Beatles with the crossing on the road. I feel that this is a very strong image as it just has a focus on one part of the woman.
In this photo it shows a chef walking across what seems to be a golf course which makes me think that this is probably a country club. It has a very green look to it as the path is also a greeny blue colour, all the trees and bushes are also quite green and stand out and the machine in the background is a big green as well. I feel that with the mist at the back of this photo it makes it makes it a really strong image. I think that if the chef was in green as well it would be a great photo but I know that most chefs where white, but this wasn't something major that I would change.
In this image it shows a person, which I believe is a woman walking across a path with an umbrella covering their face and most of the top  half of their body. It also has a couple of shadows which are in quite interesting places as it leaves a gap between the two and then the person is in probably the best place away from the shadows. This is why I feel this is another strong image.

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