Thursday, 11 December 2014

Choosing the final images

When it came to choosing my final images I felt that I had a fair few images that I could choose from. Even before I decided to choose my images, I knew of one that was definitely going to be one my final images.

 When it came to choosing my first image I knew straight away which image I was going to choose, the image of the bike lock in the leaves. This was chosen straight away because this is one of my favourite images that I had taken during this project so I knew instantly that it was going to be chosen, there were a few people who I had spoken to as well who liked it which meant, that without a shadow of a doubt this was going to be used as one of my final images.
 When it came to choosing the second image to use as a final piece I did have a couple in mind, but the one I chose was the more basic street sign this was chosen because it shows the top of the sign with the swan on and the part of the sign indicating where a certain place is, is clearly visible and readable despite being at the angle it has been taken at. This was a clear indicator to me, to choose this one. I also liked how the image didn't just have the white background of the sky but of the trees as well.
The third image I chose was the one of the metal book on the bench covered in rain water. This image was chosen because I liked the effect it gave when covered in the rain, there is one part of it that isn't that readable, but one section of it is readable. I still think that this is a  strong image though had the second part of the book been completely readable it would have been a really strong image as quite possibly one of the best images that I had taken over the project. Had the image not been taken from over the top, it may have come out perfect, but despite this I still like the image which I do believe is a strong image.
The fourth final image I chose was the one of the goggles in the twigs and grass, this was chosen because I felt that the image look quite good as the goggles had just been moved out of shot in a completely different image unrelated to my project, but I felt where it had been accidentally positioned looked really good. I do think it is quite a strong image and easily beat the one of the leaf that I was originally going to choose as a final image.

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