Thursday, 4 December 2014

Laurent Roch

Laurent Roch is a multi-award winning French street photographer. Like Julien Legrand he shoots and reacts to what he sees and doesn't stage images. Again similar to Legrand he photographs the everyday but quite similar to William Eggleston, Roch looks for the unconventional in his photography.

 This first image looks like a police barricade and one random kid has  decided to have a look at it. I find this image interesting because the police seem to have a barricade up for some reason, but it seems that this one kid is the only person there which I find quite strange. This is one of those images that I couldn't see in colour. When you look at the image the main things that stand out are the boy and the word police. The word stands out because it is quite big on the screen and is quite central, the boy stand out as he is quite a large figure on the screen.
 In this image it shows a man cycling past a building which has a painting of Marilyn Monroe on the side. The interesting thing I noticed about this image when you enlarge it does look like the painting is actually looking at the person cycling. This photo I do feel would look good in colour, but if the painting of Marilyn Monroe hasn't been done in colour then it is best to keep it in black and white. The main thing that stands out in this image is the painting of Marilyn Monroe because it is so prominent and covers most the page.
This image seems quite unconventional as it looks like Roch has decided to take a picture of people using a crossing but put the camera upside down to get this sort of image. I feel that this is probably the strongest image of the three mainly because of the unconventional way the image has been taken. It is easily one that should be in black and white and not colour. The location he has chosen is really good as you are more likely to get a fair few people to cross here. I think this is not only the best of the three, but one of Roch's best images.

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