Friday, 5 December 2014

Review of Photo shoots

Throughout this project to date I have gone on three different photo shoots, taking over 30 photos each time. I would say that the first shoot I did was probably the one I was most pleased with as nearly every single image came out the way I wanted to and like I had set out to do, they were taken in one shot. The second shoot did produce the most images that I could use as a final piece or even in my portfolio, but this shoot wasn't the best as there were a fair few images that weren't very good and had to be taken a couple of times before I got it right.

 The first shoot I took over 50 images, this shoot was the best as it produced a wide range of images, that I really liked. This shoot I feel went well mainly because practically every image came out right, but the second shoot I thought had more photos that I felt were strong and could be used as final images. The shoot produced the Pespi can image which is one I like as it isn't really something other people would even consider taking a photo of. I like how the can was just there on the ledge which I also found interesting. There was also a can of Dr. Pepper sat on the ledge on the other side.
The second shoot did provide me with another 12 images, this was just a short shoot later on in the day, after the first this was just to get a couple more images. I think that even though I took just 12 images, I think easily 8-10 of them could be used as a final pieces and three or four of them could even be added to my portfolio. This shoot produced the top two images on this page, which I do feel are quite strong images. The bike lock is as there is other things to focus on besides the bike lock, and the leaves have a really good texture to them, which is kind of slimy. The water droplets I also feel is a really good image as it focus on the drops and the pole there are coming off, and not on any of the background and it has a brilliant narrow depth of field
My third photo shoot was easily the weakest of the three, but even though it did produce several good, strong images, the level of the previous two shoots meant that they just weren't good enough. This shoot produced a further 32 images, all of which I probably would have used had it not been for the previous two shoots. The third shoot produced the bottom image, which I do like quite a bit but because of what I had produced in the previous two shoots, I am not really sure that it is on par with the other images that I had already produced for this project.
Overall of the 100 or so images that I took I feel really pleased that I managed to produce in my opinion 60-70 strong images that I could use in this project and because of this it will make choosing my final images quite difficult, I do have in mind a couple that I could use. One I feel I may use as a final, is the top image from this page. I will also look for at least 2 or 3 more for finals I intend to go out on one or two more shoots to reach around 150 to 200 images and then I should be able to pick some final images, hopefully I may end up with four or five final images.

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