Thursday, 11 December 2014

Comparisons in research work and mine

The main difference between the locations of my research artists and my own is that they incorporate the street into their photography. I have been actually taking them out on the streets but haven't incorporated the streets into my images. The only person in my research that my images are quite similar to and that it is clear that I have drawn a lot of inspiration from is William Eggleston. I have tried to incorporate bits from each research artist that I have looked at into my work, but I am not that sure whether much of the work has come from each research artist.

The research artist have used people in practically every shot, except William Eggleston contains a lot of people. The work of the research artists varies between colour and black and white, so because of this two of my final images will be in colour and two will be in black and white. The location in the research doesn't really change much most of the work is set around the same town or city, which is what I have done all of my images have been taken in Burton despite opportunities to go to other locations such as Derby I wanted this to be the same as the research artists.

Almost every research artist has black and white images, but for me some of my best images they didn't look that good in black and white. I tried to mix it up but I don't think it went down to well so that won't be something I will be doing again.

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