Thursday, 11 December 2014

Critique Feedback

In the critical feedback main things that were raised were that the focus and exposure on the images which I am really pleased that it was considered some of the strengths as these were two parts that I had focused on making sure that they worked really well when I was taking the images. An improvement that was raised was choosing between having all my images in colour or all in black and white, I admit putting two in colour and two in black and white was a bit of a gamble which clearly hasn't paid off. So because of this I will have all of my final images in colour and not in black and white as all of the my final four images don't really look very good in black and white whereas they all look good in colour. One other point the group raised was not sure of the concept, yet at the top of the feedback they mention what the concept is which is strange to try and pull it up as a improvement so really that wasn't needed. It was clear when it came to the final improvement they were looking for anything to put when it says shoot more when all that was required in the critique was final images which I presented. If the group had wanted to sell all of my other photographs that I had taken during the project to try and find improvements that way they should have asked. They have also said that my images are photographing the banal and boring which is what my images are which yet again is the concept of the images, I feel they were just looking for something to add as they were clearly struggling.

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