Friday, 12 December 2014


This assignment was called Empirical Evidence and for this it was all based around location photography which I something I feel I am good at, compared to studio photography. After looking over all the different topics we can do I was going to photograph the everyday life, but after a little bit of thought I decided against this and decided to photograph the unconventional, the "boring". My plan for this project was to go out to a wide range of locations, those that wouldn't normally be used to take photos in. I went to a range of different unconventional areas and made sure that the images were not just unique but also unconventional which is exactly what they were. The sorts of things that I photographed during this assignment are bike locks, different angles on street signs and just random items that I see when out walking on a shoot.

The idea of photographing the everyday life changing to the unconventional after I researched William Eggleston and truly became inspired by his work and felt that this was the type of photography that I wanted to do during this assignment. I would also say that Shin Noguchi's work inspired me as well as a fair bit of his street photography is quite unconventional. Throughout most of the project I used my flash on the images to give them the bright effect, I also used a narrow depth of field on the images to allow you to focus more on the actual thing that I am photographing instead of the background

Throughout the project I constantly was happy with each and every photo shoot I did. I did think that my first photo shoot that I did was actually one of the best photo shoots probably the second best after one at St. George's Park. I don't really think I had any major problems when I first went out there were a few minor tweaks that had to be altered a little bit, this did prevent me early on from taking just one shot of each item I shoot, most of the project I did just take one shot of each item.

When I look back at my final piece I am quite happy with how it came out, I do think though that if I had done another photo shoot I could have maybe got a couple of better images. The images I have are decent images and strong though I do think that extra shoots would have given me 4-6 I could have used in the final piece that would have been really strong images, a lot stronger than any other that I had produced in the project or any other.

Overall I would say that everything came out quite well there would be a couple of minor things that I would have tweaked but truly that isn't a major problem so that is a bonus really. Some of my images that I took during this project are really strong and powerful and some of my best images. I could easily see some of these images that had been taken during this assignment going into my portfolio which to me does say that I have managed to get great photos during this assignment. This has definitely been a strong assignment for me in terms of my actual photograph.

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