Thursday, 4 December 2014

Photo Shoot 3

For this I continued documenting the unconventional around Burton, but this time I went to different locations so try and find a wide range of images that I could use and this shoot probably wasn't my best, but I still managed to get some pretty good images that could be used as one of my finals.

With this image I tried to get the entire lock and get some of the detail of the rust and get some of the pole it was on as well, which I feel I did. I did give this a few more attempts, to try and get plenty of rust, but I do feel that of the others I took of this lock, this is probably the best of the three or four I took of the lock. I am quite happy with how this image came out as it has the narrow depth of field, and it focuses perfectly on the lock and pole which is exactly what I was looking for.
 This image I took when I was helping Sammy with one of her shoots, I just this cloth hanging off a branch and instantly thought that it could make a really good photo as it is very unconventional and I feel that this image came out really well. I feel that the main thing that helped this image be a strong image is the colouring of the leaves of the branch that the cloth is hanging off.
This photo was a little bit of luck really, I was again helping Sammy with her shoot and she threw her goggles and they landed like this which I feel looks really random and out of place which I really liked. This continued a pattern of images where I just had one attempt to get the right image, which I feel I did here with the one photo and I am really glad it worked.

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