Thursday, 4 December 2014

Julien Legrand

Julien Legrand is a French street photography who is known for a wide range of both colour and black and white images. Legrand is one of those photographers who's images are just spontaneous. He just takes his camera with him everywhere not looking for a specific image but waits for a suitable moment to shoot and regularly comes out with really strong and excellent images like those below.
 This image seems to be either the opening of automatic doors or the opening or an underground. I think that this is a really good location to use as it has the doors and you can choose whether to use them or not and with Legrand using them it doesn't focus on the people and more on the door which makes it a really strong image. This is another image which I feel looks better in black and white. You can clearly tell that there are a few people in the shot but the best thing about this image is that yes you know they are there but there is more focus on the door than anything else.
 With this image it looks a little bit like something has just exploded and the person at the front is running away from it. This gives it a more documentary look, but if the person wasn't in shot it would look like a more staged shot and not documenting the every day life. I feel that unlike the first and last image, this would probably work quite well in colour as well. It does also look like mist and the person is just casually walking past. Personally I do think that when I look close at an enlarged version of the photo, that it is just mist and the lady in shot is just walking past Legrand as he is taking the photo.

At first look this image does look like the man in the photo is asleep but when I looked at an enlarged version of the photo, it does actually look like he is laughing, but he does look like he has his eyes closed whilst waiting for the bus. I would have at one point wondered why he would take an image like this, but know I understand fully why he would take an image like this as clearly he is documenting the every day life of what I believe is Paris. I believe that all of the images here are showing the everyday life of Paris and to me these images show a wide range of things that go on during a normal day in Paris. These images and all of his others are quite strong and show that in Paris and all the other places he has shot in have a diverse range of subjects and activities going on during a typical day.

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