Friday, 12 December 2014

Final Image

When it came to choosing my final images I wasn't too sure which images I wanted to use. At first I decided how many images I was going to use, I already knew that I was likely to put them all on one sheet. After deliberation I decided to use four images. I straight away knew one image that I was going to use the bike lock, that was a simple choice I had known for a while that I was going to use as one of my final images. Choosing the other three images was probably the hardest part I made sure that I took my time choosing these images and looked over all of my images to ensure that I chose the best three images. After looking over all of my images taken on this project a couple of times I found the other three images, all of which I am quite proud of as I do feel that they are strong images.

Originally they were going to be half black and white and half colour though after the critique I decided to have them all in colour mainly due to the fact that I don't really think the bike lock image looks very good in black and white.

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