Friday, 12 December 2014

My location communication

What I am really trying to communicate with my locations and images is that you can never run out of places to photograph and that you can go to some of the strangest places and still be able to get some really strong images. This is exactly what I have tried to do throughout this project, I tried to go to some of the most unusual places to try and get some really strong and different images, which is what I believe I had managed to do throughout the last couple of weeks.

I have managed to communicate this by making sure that I went to a wide range of different locations and trying to get as many different images as possible. I was also trying to make sure that the images were really different and in no way similar which with these final images I believe I have managed to achieve this in these images. Not just in my final images, but in all images I have managed to shoot in many different locations and ensure that all the images look completely different and show a wide range of locations.

Overall looking at all the different locations that I have used have in my opinion been a really good choice and there is definitely a wide range of locations chosen which is something that I am really happy with and how the shots came out.

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