Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Location Choice

When it came to the locations, I wanted to go somewhere where I knew there was likely to be a fair few images. This wasn't a specific location, but all over the area, there were plenty of opportunities in every single shoot.

 When I set out on my shoot I didn't have a specific location in mind I just went out to shoot unconventional items. I had a rough idea of the location but not a specific location I kind of wanted to go to places where there is likely to be a fair few unconventional items and really around Burton there are quite a few of these locations.
The location for the first image was chosen as it was normally a quiet area and it was quite unlikely that around this time that there would be anybody sat on this bench and thankfully there wasn't.
The location for this image was chosen because this was almost always going to be there as it is so rusty that it is very unlikely that it is ever going to be removed. Also where it was with the background it gave it something different in the background and doesn't just give you the lock to look at, but it isn't in focus and has used a narrow depth of field to allow it to focus more on the lock then the actual ground and surrounding location.
This location was chosen because I knew I was likely to have a lot of objects that were easily considered unconventional and I could take image of such as this image. This image is simply bird poo on a leaf and I decided to take a photo of this as it is completely unconventional and it was likely to be something that no one would really take a serious photo of, some people may just take a photo of it for a laugh, but not how i've done it. This location did contain a lot of items that were considered unconventional.

This image was also taken in the same location and it showed that even just moving something accidentally can produce some really good unconventional images like this has done. It also shows that it was a really good location to use for unconventional photos, if someone was trying to get photos that wouldn't be considered unconventional then it wouldn't be a location that would really be used for that sort of shoot.

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